Astronomy Day 2016

Held on May 14th at the Portage District Library and Kalamazoo Nature Center.
AD2K16-1  The Portage District Library kindly hosted our daytime activities for the third year-in-a-row from 11am – 4pm. AD2K16-2  This display reflects the theme of Astronomy Day 2016...Galaxies. AD2K16-3  This display features our newly installed robotic telescope in southeastern Arizona. AD2K16-4  These guests check out our newly updated KAS Member Astrophotography display.
AD2K16-5  Our "Meet the Telescopes" display was adjacent to the KAS Robotic Telescope display. AD2K16-6  These guests look for a good spot inside the path of totality for the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse. AD2K16-7  The expert is in! Mike Sinclair answers another question (and collects another nickel) at the Ask the Astronomer booth. AD2K16-8  We offered three brand new hands-on activities this year. This is our "Pinwheel Galaxy Pinwheel" table.
AD2K16-9  This young astronomer takes her brand new Pinwheel Galaxy Pinwheel for a spin. AD2K16-10  Our "Balloon Powered Rover" table helped children explore alien moons and planets in their imaginations! AD2K16-11  The "Balloon Powered Rover" was labor intensive, so it required additional KAS volunteers. AD2K16-12  Here's Patti Borrello, Joe Borrello, and Tim Kurtz at the "Balloon Powered Rover" table.
AD2K16-13  Davin & Liam Baal volunteered at our very popular "Straw Rocket" table. AD2K16-14  This year’s keynote speaker was Dean Regas. AD2K16-15  Mr. Regas is the astronomer at the Cincinnati Observatory and co-host of the syndicated astronomy program "Star Gazers." AD2K16-16  The title of Mr. Regas’ presentation was "Tour of the Universe: You Are Here."
AD2K16-17  Most of Mr. Regas' tour of the universe was done with the free program Mitaka, but he also shared some spectacular images along the way. Here's the Helix Nebula as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. AD2K16-18  Over 70 people attended the keynote presentation in the Cooper’s Glen Auditorium at the Kalamazoo Nature Center. AD2K16-19  Dean Regas presented KAS President & Astronomy Day Coordinator Richard Bell with a calendar and a “Keep Looking Up” pin from the personal collection of the late Jack Horkheimer. AD2K16-20  From left to right:  Richard Bell, Scott Macfarlane, Dean Regas, Don Stilwell, Jack Price, and Roger Williams.