[Schedule of Events]

The KAS is one of the most active organizations in West Michigan. We hold a wide variety of entertaining and educational events throughout the community. Below is a schedule of all of our upcoming activities. This page is updated regularly, so please visit often. Unless noted otherwise, all KAS activities are open to the general public.

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General Meeting
Friday, November 4 @ 7:00 pm | Kalamazoo Area Math & Science Center

As part of the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society’s 80th anniversary celebration J. Kelly Beatty, a long-time Senior Editor at Sky & Telescope magazine, invites you to a discussion about the most serious threat to our greatest natural resource, the night sky.

Light pollution, simply put, is any unnecessary or excessive outdoor illumination. Sadly, it’s become a pervasive and ugly consequence of modern 24/7 society. Light pollution robs us of the night sky’s beauty, negatively affects the ecosystem, and creates an in-your-face waste of energy. But a new mindset and new technology are poised to slow — and perhaps reverse — this bane of modern life.

About the Speaker:
Kelly Beatty has been explaining the science and wonder of astronomy to the public since 1974. An award-winning writer and communicator, he specializes in planetary science and space exploration as a Senior Editor for Sky & Telescope magazine. Beatty also spent six years on the astronomy faculty at the Clay Center Observatory in Brookline, Massachusetts. He holds a Bachelors degree from the California Institute of Technology and a Master's degree in science journalism from Boston University.

Kelly has been active in efforts to reduce light pollution for more than 20 years. He chairs the New England Light Pollution Advisory Group and is on the Board of Directors for the International Dark-sky Association.

Field Trip
Saturday, November 5 @ TBA | Abrams Planetarium & MSU Obsevatory

On November 5th, KAS members and invited guests will take another field trip to Abrams Planetarium, located on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing.  We’ll enjoy a show featuring their state-of-the-art Digistar 5 projector.  Weather permitting, we'll also attend the last MSU Observatory Open House of the year.

KAS Members:  Please see the November issue of Prime Focus for the full itinerary.

For other last minute details please attend the general meeting on November 4th.  If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to go on the field trip then please contact us ASAP.  If the weather is really bad (heavy rain or snow, severe thunderstorms, etc.) we will notify everyone that has signed up of a cancellation.

Annual Meeting
Friday, December 2 @ 6:30 pm | Kalamazoo Area Math & Science Center

It's time for the annual KAS Holiday Party!  As usual we will be celebrating at our annual meeting on December 2nd.  We are planning on starting at 6:30 pm, one half hour earlier than usual. The evening will begin with the party featuring several rousing rounds of BINGO with exciting prizes. Then there will be a short business meeting featuring the election of the 2017 KAS officers and at-large board members.

As in past years, we will have a potluck hors d'oeuvre and dessert extravaganza. The KAS will provide beverages consisting of soft drinks and hot wassail. So, bring your favorite goodie to share and join your fellow KAS members for an evening of friendship and fun. If you are a new member this will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other club members, get acquainted with this year's KAS board, help elect the new officers and board for 2017, and find out what the KAS is all about. Hope to see you there!

Please Note:  This event is for KAS Members and invited guests only.  If you'd like to attend then JOIN the KAS today!