Bill Nigg
E-mail: bill [at] ziptang [dot] com
Occupation: Retired Astronomy Instructor, KVCC

Volunteer In Parks (VIP) - part time staff in residence to operate astronomy

Observing program for campers at national and state parks (with Dark Sky Preserves)
KAS Member Since: 1970
Observing Equipment: 13cm f/8 APO, 20cm f/4 Newtonian, 18cm f/15 Maksutov, 8cm f/7.5 APO, WO-66 f/6 APO, Daystar Quark H-alpha, 15×70 binoculars, 8' ExploraDome
Favorite Subjects: Shallow sky. I prefer space objects that move and evolve in my lifetime.
Favorite Objects: Sunspots, planets, finding & tracking new objects.
Other Interests: Installing modern engine and transmission in my 65 Mustang, nature photography and related camping travel, and the usual grandchildren activities. Several seasonal RV trips to National and State Parks for better weather and astronomy/event observing.
Comments: Started reading starmaps in S&T when I was 11. Bought an injured 4" reflector for $20, fixed and modified it to see sky objects like Comet Arend-Roland in 1957. Took the 4" to photograph my first solar eclipse in 1970. Built a spectrograph and shot the flash emission spectra at the solar eclipse of 1972. I've been to 10 eclipses so far. I have also attended about 20 star parties for far better observing conditions and advanced training.